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South Cariboo Sustainability Society (SCSS)

The South Cariboo Sustainability Society has been providing sustainable living solutions through Leadership and Advocacy in Sustainable practices in the 100 Mile House Area of British Columbia since 2008.  We recognize that our society and economies are dependent upon a healthy environment.

We will provide current information on:South Cariboo Sustainability Society-Sustainability in Conservation and the Environment_brochure

Local Green Projects
Community groups and events centered around Sustainabilty
Local Food Security encouraging the 100 Mile Diet
Presentations on Sustainable Green Solutions
“Bees in the Boo”- Cariboo Beekeeping Blog
Current Ecological issues affecting our community
Inspiring Stories from our Local Heritage Heroes
Information and Resources on Green and Sustainble Practices

Mission Statement

The South Cariboo Sustainability Society will provide leadership and advocacy in sustainable practices through education, information-sharing and community engagement.

Our Documentary Film Series

Join us for Our Documentary Film Series geared towards raising consiciousness and inspiring action-to be the change we want to see in the world by starting here at home first.

Current Projects and Events

Participate in the ongoing campaign of our 100 Mile diet of foods to plant with our Rebel Garden Zone Campaign and our Idle Free 100 Mile Campaign.

Check our Calendar of Events to find out when we meet, info on upcoming events, presentations on Sustainability in Conservation and the Environment, and local group workshops from Bee Keeping to Gardening.

Sustainability:  Living in Balance with the Environment

As a group of individuals and citizens like yourself, we are working together on promoting Sustainable Green Initiatves, while providing Environmental Stewardship in our area of the South Cariboo,  Living Sustainably by reducing our Carbon Footprint, and living  within our means.

We wish to bring Sustainable Development in the form of Environmental, Economic and Social Well-being for today and tomorrow to our Community of 100 Mile House.


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