Idle Free 100 Mile House Campaign

Idle Free Campaign comes to 100 Mile House courtesty of the South Cariboo Sustainablity Society

Idle Free Zone Coming to 100 Mile

Can’t give away too many details just yet but this summer the District of 100 Mile and the South Cariboo Sustainability Society will commence an Idle Free Campaign to convince locals and visitors alike that idling vehicles is detrimental to health, pocket book and the environment.

In late 2011, the District approached SCSS to see if a joint venture was possible to help 100 Mile House reduce Green House Gas emissions.  A committee was formed consisting if Patricia Spencer, Patty Tawiyaka, Katherine McKibben, Hugh Thomas and Peter Jarvis and several suggestions were submitted.  Over the winter an Anti Idling Campaign was selected as a good place to start but unfortunately by the time decisions, approvals, budgets, and plans were in place the campaign had to be delayed until the spring of 2013.  Now we’re set to go.

 South Cariboo Sustainability Society will Kick Off “Idle Free 100 Mile” on May 6, 2013

You’ll see a lot more detail this summer but briefly idling your engine – whether your 18 wheel diesel tractor trailer or your family vehicle – is unnecessary in so many ways:

  • Idle Free Zone_Turn Engine Off Campaign comes to 100 Mile House courtesty of the South Cariboo Sustainablity SocietyMONEY: It’s a waste of gas, modern engines warm up better and faster under load
  • MONEY: It reduces engine life as it increases engine wear as a significant amount of engine wear occurs while the engine is cold and before it reaches operating temperature.
  • It increases engine emissions as the emission reduction systems work best once the engine is warm and under load and engine emissions are of course bad in a number of ways
  • HEALTH : The various emissions are bad for your health, especially your children’s health.
  • Children are closer to the ground, so they have will inhale more vehicle exhaust (containing several harmful chemicals) than adults.   Also, their respiratory systems are not fully developed yet, so they are more vulnerable to air pollution.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Unnecessary idling produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.  While reducing vehicle vehicle idling alone will not solve the climate change problem, it is a step in the right direction and it’s easy to do.

Join us for the Official “Idle Free 100 Mile” Launch:

Mayor Campsall will be officially kicking of the summer campaign to minimize engine idling in 100 Mile House (and everywhere else) at the Safeway store in Cariboo mall at 11am on Monday, May 6, 2013.  Store manager, Sean Watson, is offering refreshments – rumour has it an edible anti idling sign may be available.  Members of the SCSS will be there to answer questions and hand out the refreshments.

Idle Free 100 Mile Launch_South Cariboo Sustainability

Idle Free is as easy as the turn of a key

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