Projects for Green Living and Sustainable Living

The South Cariboo Sustainability Society is launching several Green Living Projects and events in the 100 Mile House area.

Current Green Living Projects

'Irma the Worma' is the Rebel Garden Zone campaign mascot for the South Cariboo Sustainability Society_PC Monica Holy

South Cariboo Seed Exchange_Rebel Garden Zone Campaign_South Cariboo Sustainabilty Society_100 Mile HouseIdle Free Zone_Turn Engine Off Campaign comes to 100 Mile House courtesty of the South Cariboo Sustainablity Society

Rebel Garden Zone Campaign and Sign Up! for spring of 2014

South Cariboo Seed Exchange at “Seedy Saturday”, March 8, 2014

Idle Free 100 Mile Campaign Launched May 1, 2013

Our Monthly Documentary Film Series

Every month we will be Hosting a Film followed by a Round Table Discussion unraveling both concerns, and opportunities to address the sustainable challenges that face us here in the South Cariboo.

We believe in the power of collective genius when people come together to creatively problem solve any issue.

When a community comes together it definitely becomes greater than the sum of its parts, and for this reason we welcome you to join us as we delve into all areas of sustainability.

Each month the SCSS will play a documentary which illuminates another aspect of our lives from matters of Local Economy, to Food Sovereignty, to Renewable Energy, Zero Carbon Transportation, Environmentalism, and Community Building to name a few.

We all dream of living in a better world if not for ourselves then for our children.

First we must decide what that dream should be.

Every month we will post what film, plus where and when it will show.

Please come back and check in regularly here to see what’s going on.

Remember collective genius means ‘bring a friend’ so we’ll see you there.

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For Other Ongoing Events and Workshops taking place in the South Cariboo

Check out our Calendar of Events 

Join Us!

Contact Us if you’d like to volunteer, and meet some likeminded people in your community of 100 Mile House.

Come out and join us to make these Green Living Projects a successful community event!


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