Permaculture Garden for Rebel Gardeners in 100 Mile House

'Irma the Worma' is the Rebel Garden Zone campaign mascot for the South Cariboo Sustainability Society_PC Monica HolyRebel Garden Zone Campaign Launched 2013

We are a grassroots Food Security movement from Lac La Hache to Lac Des Roches determined to secure our Food Sovereignty by asking every person from apartment dwellers to rural cow pokes to band together and grow some food stuffs in their garden this year.

The Rebel Garden Zone -

Be a rebel.  Plant a seed.

The power to succeed is literally in your hands as we ask you to join us, and join forces in planting the seeds of change.  They say we can hardly grow anything in our Hardy Zone 2-4.  We say challenge accepted!

How can you help? Join Us-Be a Rebel Gardener and Sign Up for 2015!

We want to help support you in your Organic Gardening endeavors to successfully grow food plants in a Zone 2-4 so we’ve got all sorts of information to throw your way…just follow the links:

Click HERE for the Rebel Garden Zone Sign Up page and more information!

The Rebel Garden Zone is sponsored by CCBAC:

Rebel Garden Zone sponsored by CCBACCRD_Cariboo Regional District is a sponsor of the Rebel Garden Zone

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