Going Green and Sustainable in 100 Mile House

Your Local Sustainabilty Society

  • We are located in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada.
  • We’re a non-profit organization – SCSS for short.
  • We have a Board of Directors.
  • We partner with other non-profits, local governments (such as the District of 100 Mile House and the Cariboo Regional District) and local businesses for our campaigns and Green Initiatives.
  • We share information on all things of a Sustainable nature.
  • We organize Guest Speakers, Workshops, Seminars and Campaigns.
  • We’d really love it if you would join us to bring Sustainable Development in the form of Environmental, Economic and Social Well-being for today and tomorrow to our Community of 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo.

Join us and be the change you want to see in the world, help create a vibrant local economy through renewable energy, environmental stewardship, local food initiatives, zero carbon lifestyle, greener transportation, recycle/re-use and the love of community.

Your SCSS Board of Directors

 Hugh Thomas, Professional Forester, and Director of the South Cariboo Sustainability Society in 100 Mille HouseHugh Thomas: SCSS Director /”Idle Free 100 Mile” Campaign Co-chair

Vancouverite, B.C. born and raised, Hugh landed in the Cariboo in 1998 and decided to call it home. He is a Professional Forester with a keen interest in Sustainable Food Systems and Economy.

Hugh is a very inquisitive guy who likes to have the facts so his research reflects this, and is always top notch. We love it when Hugh says, “I’ll look into that.”


Peter Jarvis, retired Thermal Power Systems Engineer, and Secretary of the South Cariboo Sustainability Society in 100 Mile HousePeter Jarvis: SCSS Secretary/Film Series & “Idle Free 100 Mile” Campaign Co-chair

Formerly a very serious guy with very serious math skills, Peter retired his position as a Thermal Power Systems Engineer, so when Peter does the math we tend not to second guess him.

Actually Peter is a sweetheart of a guy whose interests include Energy Efficiency, slowing down Green House gases in the name of his grandchildren, and when he’s not actively gardening he IS chasing the deer out of his vegetable patch.

Peter feels that a Sustainable Society requires us to conservationally balance nature while at the same time keeping people employed.

Barb Jarvis, retired banker and Director of the South Cariboo Sustainability Society in 100 Mille HouseBarb Jarvis: SCSS Treasurer

Barb was a shoo-in as Treasurer for this group.  Mother and Grandmother with 20 years experience working at the Bank made her undoubtedly the best choice for handling the purse strings, and signing the cheques.

Barb’s interests lie with Composting and Re-cycling which are kind of the same things if you think about it.  Mrs. Jarvis is also married to Peter and they share a love of Gardening, however where Peter chases off the deer, Barb is devising new ways to keep the cats out of their seasonal kitty litter box.

Shelley Tegart_Director of the South Cariboo_100 Mile House

Shelley Tegart: SCSS Director

Shelley is a retired business librarian, who retired to 100 Mile House to be closer to her family roots. She has a background in working with environmental firms, with extensive knowledge about the history and geography of the BC Interior. Her interests include; sustainable food systems, from how to grow enough on an acre to feed a family of four, to how to transport food stuffs throughout a region, how to preserve food for long cold winters and making old farming practices new again.

Nicole Chayka, author, artist, and Director of the South Cariboo Sustainability Society in 100 Mile HouseNicole Chayka: Rebel Garden Zone Chair

Nicole Chayka is a former tradesperson, author and artist with an intense interest in Off Grid Systems, Organic Gardening, and Natural Building Techniques with special emphasis on Earthship Biotecture, which you can check out over at “Middle Earth Home“.

Since Nicole is the content writer in the group you may blame her for anything you don’t like here and she will file it under, ‘Oh well…can’t please everyone.’

It should come as no surprise with this attitude that Nikki champions the concept of defiance permeating the Rebel Garden Zone campaign.

We are pleased she is putting her bad attitude towards a good cause, and becoming the change she’d like to see in the world.

Come out to our meetings-share your thoughts- and let’s start Going Green and Sustainable in 100 Mile House.

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